Business Manager Tools for New Entrepreneurs

When going into business, entrepreneurs never quite realize how much work they have to do before the company is up and running. They have to contend with very little time, not enough employees, insufficient resources, massive workload, among other things. It will quickly dawn on even the most enthusiastic entrepreneur that they may need to clone themselves to get things done.  

However, some online business manager resources will take the burden off your shoulders.  The e-commerce platform, Shopify, has several tools which every new entrepreneur should consider using. You will be able to achieve multiple functions, including generating business logos, getting business slogans, managing inventory, developing customer profiles, among others.

 We will explore some of these tools below.

1. Shopify Exchange Tool

If you are thinking of buying a store, the Shopify Exchange Tool will make the process of looking for one very easy for you. It categorizes stores that are available for sale based on revenue, site, and price, among others. 

You do not have to think about getting domain names or even going into the process of writing descriptors for your products. If you decide to sell, you can use the same platform, to look for other stores that could be of interest to you.

The other function that the Shopify exchange will give you is that it allows you to value your own business. It will look at factors like how much money you have made, to provide the correct value of your business. Install the tool on your eCommerce platform and use it to monitor how your business is doing, because it will give you the growth patterns.

2. Shopify Burst

If your business uses photographs, then this is a tool to install. You will have an extensive collection of the latest stock photographs, featuring the most recent trends on the e-commerce platform. Shopify Burst is especially useful for businesses that deal in fashion, beauty products, cell phone accessories, watches, among others.

The advantage is that you will have ready photographs for all your marketing material, thus saving you the cost of paying for expert photography. You will also get online tutorials on how to set up your online store on their website.

3. Shopify Kit

If you have a problem with scheduling things like emails, or social media posts, this is the perfect tool for you. Also, you can use the Shopify Kit to design ads, send yourself reminders, retarget potential customers, create and promote discount codes, to name a few uses.

4. Shopify Business Name Generator

Getting a business name is very difficult because you need one that communicates well. With the Shopify Business Name Generator, the process is easy. All you need to do is come up with specific keywords that you would want as part of the name. The tool will then generate several names for you to choose from.


The best part about it is that it will also give you appropriate domain names and sites that are available. You can then purchase that particular domain through Shopify and get to work.

5. Shopify Slogan Maker

A catchy slogan is vital for any business because it becomes a way for customers to identify you. It is also essential because you will use it for all your marketing material. It is therefore imperative that you get a catchy slogan that communicates the key benefits of your business in less than five words.  

The Shopify Slogan Maker will generate for you different slogans; all you need to do is get the correct keywords, sit back, and let the tool do its work.

6. Shopify Hatchful Tool

The Hatchful tool will give you a logo within seconds. You have the option of free and paid up designs. You will need to give some information; for example, your business niche, your brand name, your font and color choice, among others. 

The prompts are straightforward, and in less than one minute, you will have up to 1000 logos to choose from.

7. Shopify Finance Calculator

As a new business person, you may not have the finances to hire an in-house accountant. You can, therefore, take advantage of the finance calculators from Shopify. The three are; the free CPM calculator which will let you know your ad spend, the Gross Profit Margin Calculator whose name speaks for itself, and the Small Business Loan Calculator that will help you work out how much a loan will eventually cost you.

8. Shopify Oberlo

The Oberlo tool is great for retailers as it will allow you, as a retailer, to sell products from the manufacturer straight to the consumer. Using the app, you can find products online by choosing from a ready database, and if you find one you want to sell, you can add it onto your online store with a click-of-a-button.

The tool also allows you to process orders, to your inventory, update your pricing, and get updates on any changes from the suppliers.

9. Shopify image resizer

Sometimes the challenge of importing product images is that you may not get the right shape. With the image resizer, you have the option of three Square sizes for your images.  The drag and drop feature will allow you to resize up to 6 images at once.

Final Thoughts

As a new entrepreneur, you need to save on time, and anything that makes the processes easy is a must-have. The Shopify online platform will give you so many resources that will help you manage your business with ease. With a button click, you can generate your business name, logo, and slogan, set up a website, manage inventory, and do your accounting, among other functions. 

We have only talked about some of the tools you can find on Shopify. There is so much more you can find on the e-commerce platform. The best part about some of these tools is that they are free, and you will only need to spend money if you go for the premium packages. So go ahead, let technology work in your favor and watch your business flourish, because you will have time to focus on the things that require your attention.


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